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Our techniques are ancient.  Our perspectives are visionary.  We are XII, and we are here to illuminate what is hidden.

Through The Arch of the Moon

Of all the symbolic qualities present in the representative image of XII, the half we perceive on the right, the Arch of the Moon, is the most significant.

Those who came before us have long been aware that, just as the world itself is suspended in the surreality and sheer potential of night during the dark hours, we too find ourselves suspended in similar surreality when the “daylight” of our mind subsides. We are left not to our ambitions and labors, but to our sensations and respite, to our hopes and fears, and to our truth and our dreams..

It is this authentic inner night that marks the opportunity for each of us to delve into our own undiscovered darkness, that we may return with the substance of fulfillment, and it is the Arch of the Moon that stands ready to receive us (and return us) as we seek our destiny.

Our History

It’s hard to say when XII truly began.  While we only recently began making our organization known and its services available to a wider public audience, the traditions on which XII began stem back as far as 6000 BCE, to the origin of Babylonian star charts.  Knowledge of ages has been encapsulated in the initiatic orders, intuitive practices, and symbolic traditions, which we know to be a part of our own lineage as well, and which we incorporate gratuitously in our own pursuit of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

The simplest argument to be made is that XII began as a vision of our founder, Viktor L. Cerveny.  While attending university to study as a financier, he quickly became exposed to the pervasive struggle of the individuals in society to experience depth, meaning, and real beauty in their lives.  Having achieved immense personal healing for himself through the study of Tarot, he broadened his horizons, spreading the roots of his learning into such fertile soils as Freemasonry, the study of esoteric languages, Taoism, and a range of Western Occult sciences, which would eventually find another way into the world as healing practices through XII.

Our Purpose

We humans are as a candle in a vast, dark expanse: we burn, some intensely, some softly, casting some small light on the world around us, whether we know it or not, until one day our wax has finally been consumed, and we return to the nurturing dark around us.

Many of us fade without ever knowing who we truly are.  This is the fundament of tragedy.

Through XII, we seek two outcomes:

1. Help as many people as possible to truly recognize themselves and the meaning of their existence

2. Assist fellow seekers in illuminating as much of their existence as possible

What is Occult?


  1.  Not revealed
  2.  Not easily apprehended or understood
  3.  Hidden from view
  4.  Of or relating to the occult


  1.   Matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them used with the

Occult, Not “A Cult”

A worthy distinction.

Occultists are individuals who work to explore the hidden and subtle aspects of existence, either alone or with others, and may utilize methods that employ or exemplify these same subtle aspects, such as Tarot, Palmistry, Mediumship, etc.

Many of the great early scientific minds were occultists as well, including Newton, Goethe, Galileo, Hippocrates, and more.

What is A Cult?


  1. A religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious
  2. Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work
  3. A system of religious beliefs and ritual
  4. The body of adherents of definitions 1 and 3

Key Perspectives

Anything We Can Do, You Can Do Better

We read the omens and interpret the signs with you, not for you.  You alone are the point of authority in your own world, and only you are able to discern what is true for yourself.

We may tell you who we see you to be, but we will never tell you who you are.  We may tell you what paths we see before you, but we will never tell you which you must take.  Only you can recognize these things.  We simply attempt to help you see them.

The Crafter, or the Tools?

Both the tools and the wielder are required to carve out the image of one’s existence.  The tools we employ are the birthright of humanity, not something proprietary to XII.

In fact, we hope that one day, you will no longer need us because you will have picked up the tools and become the architect and engineer of your life.


At XII, we don’t subscribe to the idea of curses, and more importantly, we don’t try to profit off the idea of them, as is a common scam in the new age and spiritual communities.

Be skeptical of those who try to make you believe that you are trapped and helpless, and be more wary of those who try to convince you that they hold the key to your cage.


Medicine comes in many forms.  To the shamans and healers that came before us, medicine was the healing you gave to society in any form, hence the moniker of “Medicine Man” in tribal communities

Perspective is our medicine, and we would like to share it with you.

Occult Pseudosciences

The occult sciences are inaccurately named.  They are, in fact, pseudoscientific, meaning that they may resemble a science from a distance, but they are not in fact scientific.

How could they be?

Science finds truth in the outer world, but only you – an irrational, subjective, dynamic human being – can find truth in your inner world.  Embrace a healthy skepticism as you seek, but listen to what calls out to you and follow your heart’s direction.


If you are looking for proof, either that these methods “work” or don’t, we are not able to help you.

The trademark of the human condition is that we seek what we find.  If you are seeking your self, you will find your self.  If you are seeking evidence of something, you will find it.

These rich traditions are wasted when used as fodder for the skeptic.

Religion & Belief

Occultism is not a religion, and you do not have to be an occultist to benefit from what we do.

We acknowledge that throughout the millennia many governmental, scientific, philosophical, and religious bodies and organizations have declared that our practices are not permitted in their system of belief.

We respect your beliefs and encourage you to keep an open mind and decide for yourself.


When we discuss spirituality, we are referring to the qualities of the human “spirit,” the intangible inner component of a person that drives us and propels us forward.

Every person has the capacity for spirituality, just as every person has the capacity for thought.

While our methods are spiritual in nature on some level, you do not need to identify as a “spiritual” individual to receive their benefits.

Others Like You Are Finding What They Seek

Viktor is an amazing Tarot reader. He is adept at telling the story, his vision is sharp and his insights are extremely insightful. He has a professional, calm and welcoming presence and is thorough throughout the process. I also like his pricing model, which I believe makes the most sense. Other readers charge far too much I feel, but Viktor is fair and kind regarding the services he offers.

- Andrew Holcomb

Denver, CO

I was introduced to Viktor through a mutual friend and became quickly acquainted by our common interest in the esoteric aspects of our material world. His insight into the "mechanics" of my broader stroke understanding has been very helpful.
His dream interpretations have been the most insightful of anyone I've ever sought to decipher. I'm genuinely grateful

- Craig English

Denver, CO

I am a natural skeptic and even Viktor blew me away. I asked him to read my mother’s palm for a Mother’s Day gift and he was so incredibly detailed and the experience was enlightening. So much so, I asked him to read my hands and my brothers as well. He is very personal, genuine and authentic. He takes his job very seriously and will explain the process of reading your palms step by step. He is very knowledgeable and if you bring up an interest, he will be able to keep up with you intellectually as well. Viktor’s abilities were a surprise and I do not regret giving him our time. 10/10 would recommend!

- Hailey Rose

Denver, CO

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