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We offer many unique traditions that will help you shed much-needed light on your past, present, and future circumstances.

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Astrological Natal Chart Reading

There is a vision of you contained in the stars.  This ancient method elucidates your celestial nature and place in the universe.

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Tarot Card Reading

Your life is a rich tapestry of people, places, events, concepts, and cycles.  See your life playing out in deeply symbolic imagery.

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The map of your inner world is etched out in the lines, mounts, and impressions of your palms.

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Rune Reading

The Elder Futhark runes call upon the wisdom and colorful storytelling of the Skalds of old to recount your journey.

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Dream Interpretation

Our destinies unfold as much by day as in our dreams.  You and your guide will follow the omens and perceive the subtle signs.

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Pendulum Dowsing

The subtle vibrations in the ocean become waves at the beach.  The sensitive reactions of the pendulum will reveal hidden truths.

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One Reading Can Offer Countless Perspectives

Composite Reading

Everything is connected.  Choose as many of these traditions as you’d like to have incorporated into your reading for a truly tailored, colorful, and insightful experience.

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Creations in Your Image

Just as the grand designs have been drawn in the stars, on the trunk of the world tree, and even on your very hands, those designs can be drawn again and transmitted to paper.  We are happy to provide you star charts, palm prints, and story runes in our unique style, for your unique journey.

Customized Talismans & Sigils

Hone Your Craft With Classes and Workshops

Learn to Read the Tarot

Class Size:  10

Learn the stories and lessons of the Tarot and how to read them for yourself.  No prior knowledge of Tarot is required and all skill levels are welcome. 

Cost includes your first deck!

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Intro to Natal Astrology

Class Size:  10

This introductory class will supply you with your unique natal chart and teach you how to begin working with its contents in a meaningful way.  Topics covered include planet, sign, and house archetypes, aspect types, and a brief overview of the tradition.

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The Way of XII:  An Intro to Occultism

Class Size:  5

This course covers an overview of the history of occultism, a broad view of the ideology, and introductions to several prominent mythologies and symbolic languages.

Additional topics can be requested!

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Others Like You Are Finding What They Seek

Viktor is an amazing Tarot reader. He is adept at telling the story, his vision is sharp and his insights are extremely insightful. He has a professional, calm and welcoming presence and is thorough throughout the process. I also like his pricing model, which I believe makes the most sense. Other readers charge far too much I feel, but Viktor is fair and kind regarding the services he offers.

- Andrew Holcomb

Denver, CO

I was introduced to Viktor through a mutual friend and became quickly acquainted by our common interest in the esoteric aspects of our material world. His insight into the "mechanics" of my broader stroke understanding has been very helpful.
His dream interpretations have been the most insightful of anyone I've ever sought to decipher. I'm genuinely grateful

- Craig English

Denver, CO

I am a natural skeptic and even Viktor blew me away. I asked him to read my mother’s palm for a Mother’s Day gift and he was so incredibly detailed and the experience was enlightening. So much so, I asked him to read my hands and my brothers as well. He is very personal, genuine and authentic. He takes his job very seriously and will explain the process of reading your palms step by step. He is very knowledgeable and if you bring up an interest, he will be able to keep up with you intellectually as well. Viktor’s abilities were a surprise and I do not regret giving him our time. 10/10 would recommend!

- Hailey Rose

Denver, CO

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