Tarot Card Reading

Your life is a rich tapestry of people, places, events, concepts, and cycles.  See your life playing out in deeply symbolic imagery.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Symbols

We live in a world of fortunes and follies; actions and consequences; possibility and actuality.  These facets of reality come to life in the Tarot in bold color and striking form to illustrate the deeper nature of your daily life and the world in which you find yourself.

The collection of cycles and paths upon which the Tarot tradition is based speaks intuitively to our inner awareness, calling forth the knowledge we did not know we possessed.  This painted world of theives and kings, bold zeniths and twilight hours, is but a tantalizing mirror of our own story – and there is much to gain for those who know the secrets of its reflections.

Average Reading Duration:  30 – 45 minutes

Price: $1.50 / minute


No Requirements

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an occult tradition based on receiving intuitive information from a deck of symbolically designed cards.  Your Tarot reader will have you select cards from the deck, which they will place in the appropriate positions in a “spread,” then interpret. 

Once the cards have been selected and placed, your Tarot reader will assess the meaning of each of these singular cards in relation to all the others and in the context of the structure of the spread, offering deep insights along the way.

Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading

  • Increased engagement with one’s trajectory in life
  • Acknowledgement of hard truths
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Rediscovery of one’s importance
  • Identification of forces and archetypes present in life
  • Enhanced perspective of the world
  • Exposure to several occult traditions and fundaments
  • Activation of one’s intuition
  • An increased sense of meaning

Unique Variations

Through the Looking Glass

The collection of tales and truths that comprise the Tarot are a beautiful poem that can be recited in many languages.

Ask your reader to select a non-traditional deck for your reading to glimpse into a world that is uniquely and unusually insightful.

The DaVinci System

Often the most profound insights are the ones we did not know we were looking for.

This method of reading departs from the rigidity of the usual spreads, and instead allows the reader to invent a freeform reading on a strictly intuitive basis.

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