Astrological Natal Chart Reading

There is a vision of you contained in the stars.  This ancient method elucidates your celestial nature and place in the universe.

Discover Your Celestial Nature

It is no accident that you emerged into this world at the place and time that you did.  Whether under sun or moon, nearby or in distant lands, your arrival was of a precise and deliberate design, a design which has been drawn up upon the blackboard of the night sky for all to see, but for you alone to truly explore.

This cosmic blueprint is your birthright; its treasures are yours for the taking, and its bountiful harvest of growth and wisdom is yours to reap.

Average Reading Duration:  30 – 60 minutes

Price: $1.50 / minute


In order to receive this service, you must provide:

  • Your date of birth (day, month, year)
  • Your time of birth to the minute
  • Your location of birth (city, state/province, country)

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the quality of the stars and the relationship of celestial bodies to earthly affairs.  In an astrological reading, the astrologer will use your birth information to calculate the positions of the many celestial bodies and relevant calculated points at the time of your birth. 

This information comprises the “natal chart,” which divides the night sky into “houses” and “signs” in which the “planets” reside.  This natal chart is your celestial blueprint, and is the primary tool of the natal astrologer.

Benefits of an Astrology Reading

  • Enhanced awareness of self
  • Recognition of one’s innate potentials
  • Greater personal development
  • Self Acceptance
  • Reintegration of lost parts of self
  • Mending of fractured identity
  • Greater awareness in the making of important decisions
  • Increased personal agency

Unique Variations

Your Animal Path

Long ago, the great celestial archetypes were not like the gods of so many civilizations, but animals.

Return to a more primal time before the rigidity and formality of society to discover the animal spirits at work in your celestial journey.

The Hero’s Journey

You are the protagonist of your own story, and your actions alone determine the course of your personal mythology. 

Let ancient wisdom guide you in the discovery of your purpose, the pursuit of your personal prophecy, and the fulfillment of your destiny. 

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