Dream Interpretation

Our destinies unfold as much by day as in our dreams.  You and your guide will follow the omens and perceive the subtle signs.

Penetrate the Illusion of Reality

You are asleep.  But you do not know that you are asleep.  We believe that the happenings of the day are “real” and true because they are more visible to the open eye.  Yet, until we wake and discard the mysterious contents of the night, they were just as real to us with our eyes shut.

Your reality is but a dream, some of it waking, and some of it slumbering, all of it a manifestation of your own designs.  We think ourselves creatures of the Sun, walkers in daylight, but it is those who can walk equally steadily by moonlight that transcend the bondage of human perception.

The Pilgrimage of True Self begins beneath the Arch of the Moon.

Average Reading Duration:  30 – 60 minutes

Price: $2.00 / minute



What is Dream Interpretation?

Dream interpretation is a process in which an interpreter or guide works communicatively with you to derive the meaning and value of your unconscious realities.  Your guide will trace the happenings of your dreams with you, help you discover archetypal patterns in your individual contents, and clarify points of signficiant meaning.

This deceptively simple process is made possible through a seasoned understanding of the human condition and an expert knowledge of archetypal principles and occult subject matter.

Benefits of Dream Interpretation

  • Increased familiarity with inner formations and structures
  • Greatly enhanced self-understanding
  • Reconciliation of inner and outer worlds
  • Discovery of true intentions
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Deepened perspective of reality and the world
  • Recognition of one’s own role in development and actualization

Unique Variations

The Waking Dream

The world of daylight is not always as simple as it appears.  The symbols are diluted by the sun’s rays, appearing as hints and subtle omens.

Work with your Dream Guide to navigate the intricacies and symbolic depths of the Waking Dream.

Guided Journeying

Our paths are winding, unpredictable, and at times unnerving.  But those who have come before can help to show us the way. 

Tread between the waking world and dimensions of dreams with your Guide in this non-intrusive, ancient practice.

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