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Intro to Natal Astrology

No prior experience required; all skill levels welcome.

Course Overview:

Astrology in the Western system is one of the most deeply developed occult systems in the world, and synthesizes countless other traditions in its contents.  Because of this, the archetypes, dynamics, and perspectives found in the astrological system are able to not only significantly enhance the general life of its practitioners, but greatly deepen and supplement their practice of other occult traditions as well.

Astrology is one of the more technically demanding traditions, largely due to the immense variation and complexity that can occur in a chart.  It is imperative that the fundamentals be learned well, however, as it is this same technical complexity that opens the doors to successful interpretations of the complexity of the individual to whom any given chart belongs. 

This class has been designed so that, upon completion of the course, someone with minimal prior knowledge of the tradition will be able begin making profound self-discoveries in their own chart through their understanding of its overall composition and components.  Students completing the course successfully will be well-prepared to continue their study of astrology in many different directions.

Course Outline:

This course typically ranges from 15 – 18 hours depending on student pacing and class size, and is completed over the course of 5 – 6 weeks unless the class opts for more frequent meetings.  This course is foundational in nature, and is therefore entirely based in theory, which will be largely applied through examples and demonstrations.  The final portion of this course will include student application and workshopping.  The topics covered are as follows:

  • Brief History & Overview of Astrology
  • Brief Background on Western Natal Astrology
  • Fundamental Perspectives
  • The Anatomy & Structure of the Natal Chart
  • The Signs & Their Qualities
  • The “Planets” & Their Qualities
  • The Houses & Their Qualities
  • The Aspect Types
  • Basic Interpretations
  • Group Workshop & Examples
  • Open Forum Q&A


  • 20 hours of professional instruction in astrology
  • An accurate print of your natal chart
  • A journal in which to take course notes and track your progress
  • A Further Study resource list
  • Open-channel Q&A with your Instructor
  • Access to a real occultist’s knowledge base and network in the occult community

$365.00 / seat

* Group discounts available

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