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Master the Tarot

Intermediate – Advanced course level; previous experience is required to receive benefit from this class.  It is strongly suggested that you complete our “Learn to Read the Tarot” course before taking this one to ensure a proper and sturdy foundational knowledge of the tradition.

Course Overview:

Whether a reader or a querent, the strikingly symbolic imagery of the Tarot speaks directly to the heart of those who look upon it.  Its stories of fortune and folly, trifle and triumph, conquest and conundrum, beautifully illustrate the quintessential experiences of the human condition within the subtle context of the cycles and natural orders of the universe.

However, the seeming simplicity of the Tarot is deceptive; within the suits and archetypal characters and stories lie hidden truths and highly sophisticated observations about our universe, human nature, and the intersection between the two.  Through the application of symbolic fluency and developed understandings of supplemental occult perspectives and ideologies, one can begin to extract this invaluable heart-substance and elevate their ability to navigate the Fool’s Tale to a degree of Mastery.

This class has been designed so that, upon completion of the course, someone with substantial prior knowledge of the Tarot tradition will be able to read fluently for themself and/or others with notable and superior results.  Students successfully completing this course will come away with the skill and understandings required to read in unconventional and freeform spreads, the symbolic fluency required to read in non-traditional and themed decks, and the ability to extract tremendous meaning from each card and every spread.

Course Outline:

This course typically ranges from 6 – 10 hours depending on student pacing and class size, and is completed over the course of 3 –  5 weeks unless the class opts for more frequent meetings.  We begin with delving into advanced theory for about 70% of the calss structure.  The remaining 30% of this course is used on practice, workshopping, and further development.  The topics covered are as follows:

  • The Sifting (Brief Review)
  • Deriving the Tarot
  • The Tale of Four Dominions
  • The Implements in Unity
  • The Disturber
  • The Stable Implement
  • The Fundamental Illness
  • The Antivenom
  • The Saturated Element
  • The Justification of the Implement, Completion
  • Death & The Devil
  • The Harbingers of Change (Major Arcana Sequence)
  • The Mother of Tarot
  • Themed & Non-Traditional Reading
  • Advanced Spreads & Reading Styles
  • Inversions
  • Group Workshop & Examinations
  • Open Forum & Additional Practice
  • Closing Q&A


  • 10 hours of professional instruction
  • A Rider-Waite Tarot Deck for you to keep
  • A journal in which to take course notes and track your progress
  • Open-channel Q&A with your Instructor
  • Access to a real occultist’s knowledge base and network in the occult community

$316.00 / seat

* Group discounts available

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