Norse Rune Reading

The Elder Futhark runes call upon the wisdom and colorful storytelling of the Skalds of old to recount your journey.

Weave the Tale of Your Personal Legend

Your soul was borne on the fierce waters of the River of Heroes, your body molded from the essence of Mimir’s Well, and the two adjoined in accordance with the intricate tapestries of the Norns.

Just as your worldly vessel has been infused with the life-breath of consciousness, you have been given the opportunity to breathe life into your inner world and ignite the embers of your personal legend.  Wisdom of the ages shall illuminate your direction, and the sacred runes of Elder Futhark shall mark the path of your Becoming.

Average Reading Duration:  30 – 60 minutes

Price: $1.25 / minute



What is Rune Reading?

Rune reading is the practice of consulting the characters of an esoteric language to extract intuitive guidance.  With the Norse runes, 9 wooden dowels are dropped onto a cloth to form a “lot” of characters.  From this lot, the reader extracts the prominent characters and their symbolic meanings, which become the basis of the intuitive reading. 

Benefits of a Rune Reading

  • Expanded consciousness
  • More complete view of one’s inner and outer worlds
  • More stable sense of direction
  • Recognition of archetypal themes in one’s own story
  • Greater success in pursuit of self-discovery
  • More active role in one’s journey to fulfillment
  • Sense of purpose and meaning

Unique Variations

Rune Casting & Binding

Just as an intention or “spell” can be spoken, it can be written.  The Norse called the sigils of these intentions “bind runes.”

Once you know or have discovered your intentions, your runekeeper will cast a personalized bind-rune to help manifest them.

Rune Sequencing

Like all epic tales, your story happens in a certain sequence.  The runes that encapsulate your journey can also be sequenced in such a fashion to provide succinct clarity on your direction.

Bind runes can be used to create further depth.

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