Pendulum Dowsing

The subtle vibrations in the ocean become waves at the shoreline.  The sensitive reactions of the pendulum will reveal waves of truth that begin as only subtle vibrations.

Trace the Patterns of What is Hidden

The inner and outer worlds are laden with rules and laws invisible to the naked eye, but which dictate the effects of all causes.  As the pendulum manifests the consequences of natural laws such as gravity and momentum, it also reveals to us the invisible reactions occuring inside of ourselves.

Hope, fear, strain and ease are unable to hide their resonance from the sensitive mechanics of the pendulum.

Average Reading Duration:  15 – 30 minutes

Price: $1.00 / minute



What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum Dowsing is the intuitive practice of gleaning insight from the characteristics of the path of a pendulum in motion.  Your Dowser may either suspend the pendulum or ask you to do so, and together you will approach various topics and experiences while monitoring the shape, speed, etc. of the pendulum.

Benefits of a Dowsing

  • Confront mixed feelings & inconsistent beliefs
  • Clarify one’s authentic reactions and responses
  • Open communication with one’s body and heart
  • Overcome parts in conflict
  • Restore balance to one’s own symbolic motion
  • Reveal hidden desires and fears

Unique Variations

Chakra Delineation

Many of us know of the existence of the Chakras in the body (or bodies), but few of us pay attention to their whispers for nourishment and guidance.

The pendulum can be used to determine the nature and state of these components.

The Energy Detector

Unrequited love, the warm concerto of spring, impenetrable darkness, and our true calling.  These are all forms that draw out energetic responses.

Explore what energies are resonating with your personal psychic energy.

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