Palm Reading

The map of your inner world is etched out in the lines, mounts, and impressions of your palms.

Your Fate is in Your Hands

You are shaped by the world around you, and you shape the world around you in return.  Your hands are the primary point of connection between the two, and they bear tirelessly the impressions of the potentialities and actualities that manifest.

What do you do and make in the world?  What are the tools that you wield?  What are the weapons?  The directives of mind executed in the hand leave their due marks, but the cunning understand that this information creates opportunity, and opportunity is the source of all of reality.

Average Reading Duration:  30 – 45 minutes

Price: $1.50 / minute


  • Some light physical contact should be expected
  • Please wash your hands before a reading
  • Please avoid using lotions, balms, or other substances that may affect the skin prior to a reading

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry, or more commonly “palm reading,” is the study of the individual and the world around them through interpreting the characteristics of the hand.  A palmist looks to many factors, including “lines,” “mounts,” general structure and form, flexibility, consistency, and more to glean information. 

Benefits of a Palm Reading

  • Discovery of previously unrecognized potentials
  • Alignment with one’s true nature
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater recognition of one’s role in development
  • More constructive decision-making
  • Facilitate long-term personal growth
  • Identify the positive and negative influences in life
  • Stronger management of identity

Unique Variations

Archetypal Identification

From the stern severity of Saturn to the jovial euqinimity of Jupiter, each of us embraces different energies and archetypes in our own journey.

Identifying your archetypes will elucidate your trademark pitfalls and opportunities.

Balancing the Scales

Balance in the palm, as in all things, is the key.  Nothings remains standing that is without it.

Discover the balance that currently exists in your worldly blueprint, and learn the art of maintaining balance while shifting your own nature.

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