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The Way of XII:  An Introduction to Occultism

No prior experience required; all levels of familiarity are welcome.

Course Overview:

The basis of occultism is the capacity of the individual to perceive the symbolic value and essential meaning in the world around and within them.  This starts with developing for ourselves a working knowledge of symbolism and symbolic languages, which become the basis of our deliberately cultivated perspectives as we grow and develop along our path.

It is worth noting that occult traditions are found pervasively around the world, and there are unimagineably many traditions that fall under this umbrella.  For this reason, this course is not meant to be comprehensive and all-encompassing, but rather digs into specific theories, perspectives, ideologies, and mythologies in order to properly draw out the value of the materials for the neophyte.

This class has been designed so that, upon completion of the course, someone with minimal prior knowledge of occultism will be able to begin deliberately constructing their perspectives required to eventually design one’s world and shape one’s destiny.  Students successfully completing the course will be well prepared to extract greater meaning from their life on both an everyday and circumstantial basis and experience greater cohesion in their own composition.

Course Outline:

This course typically ranges from 14 – 16 hours depending on student pacing and class size, and is completed over the course of 5 – 6 weeks unless the class opts for more frequent meetings.  This course is foundational in nature, and is therefore entirely based in theory, which will be largely applied through examples and demonstrations.  The final portion of this course will include student application and workshopping.  The topics covered are as follows:

  • Brief History & Overview of Occult Tradition
  • Background on Western Occultism
  • Essential Perspectives
  • The Basics of Symbols
  • Western Occult Elemental Theory
  • Theosophic Numerology & Arithmetic
  • The Christian Mythos
  • The Greek Mythos
  • The Egyptian Mythos
  • Intro to Occult Practices
  • Pitfalls & Common Errors
  • Open Forum
  • Further Development
  • Closing Q&A


  • 16 hours of professional instruction in occult perspectives and traditions
  • A journal in which to take course notes and track your progress
  • A Further Study resource list
  • Open-channel Q&A with your Instructor
  • Access to a real occultist’s knowledge base and network in the occult community

$280.00 / seat

* Group discounts available

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